Lobsta Pasta

Lobster Pasta

As many times as I have shopped at Trader Joe's, I still come across items I had never seen before. On my last visit, I was surprised to find lobster tails in the frozen section.

Sweet and Spicy Pork

Sweet and Spicy Pork

Korean people love pork! There are so many pork based dishes in Korean food.

Today, I made spicy stir-fried pork dish called jae-yuk-bokkum.

Going APE - Asparagus, Prosciutto, and Egg

Asparagus, Prosciutto and Egg

Is it Sunday already? The weekend is almost over, but that means I have time to make a lazy breakfast at home! This is an easy brunch that anyone can make, and it has a pretty presenation if you want to impress someone.

Hurry Curry in a Hot Pot

Curry Udon in a Hot Pot

Growing up in Japan, curry was something my mom would make when she was feeling lazy. Just throw some meat, veggies, and pre packaged curry roux together, and voila, dinner was ready. Not only was it easy to make, my brother and I loved eating it.

Light and Fluffy Steamed Egg

Korean Steamed Egg

Steamed egg is my dad's favorite banchan. He will happily eat a meal with just rice, kimchi, and steamed egg.

Celebrating Pumpkin Season at Trader Joe's

Celebrating Pumpkin Season at Trader Joe's

It's that time of the year when weather gets a little chilly, Halloween stores are in business, and Trader Joe's puts out all things pumpkin.

Easy Breakfast Sampler

Easy Breakfast Sampler

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Beach, Sun, and Oysters- Blue Plate Oysterette

Blue Plate Oysterette Restaurant Review

There are many perks to living in Los Angeles. The beautiful beach, warm weather, and great food, just to name a few.

Flipping pancakes, Korean style - Recipe

Korean Pancake

Korean people have their own version of a pancake, but it's not eaten for breakfast, it's not sweet, and it's definitely not eaten with maple syrup.

Getting Tipsy at Cafe del Rey - Restaurant Review

Cafe del Rey Restaurant Review

We recently had an opportunity to attend a dinner event at Cafe Del Rey. Cafe Del Rey is a restaurant located in Marina Del Rey, and they occasionally have a set course dinner with wine pairings from a specific winery.