Getting in Touch with Nature - Visit to Big Bear Lake

Weekend in Big Bear Lake

Since I have to work most Saturdays, it's always exciting when I have the whole weekend off. I had a free Saturday coming up, so we decided take advantage of it and go on a weekend getaway.

After considering our options, we decided to do something a little different by going to a secluded area away from a big city. We decided Big Bear Lake would be perfect. It's less than 4 hours away from LA, so it's close enough to go for the weekend, but far enough that it feels like a roadtrip.

After looking at different housing options, we decided on Windy Point Inn. It's located in the city of Fawnskin, which is on the north side of the lake. When we arrived on Friday evening, the Inn was everything we had hoped for. The view was gorgeous from our room, with floor to ceiling windows. The entire lake was visible from our bed, and we loved the design of the room, which even had a big jacuzzi tub right next to our bed.

We went on a little walk by the lake, and it was just gorgeous.

After we settled in, we headed to south side, which is about 15 minute drive from Windy Point Inn. We visited a winery to have some drinks and enjoy live music. Friendly staff in an intimate setting, it was a great way to relax and unwind.

We also ventured out to The Village the next day, which has most of the restaurants and shops in Big Bear Lake. It's about a block long, so it's a very small area, but it has restaurants, ice cream shops, and unique stores that are worth browsing through.  After our lunch at Peppercorn Grille, we did exactly that.

Breakfasts were served at the Inn. Enjoying delicious breakfast while taking in the beautiful scenery was a perfect way to start the day.

We also went on a couple of trails. The Castle Rock Trail was a quick hike, 2 miles total, but absolutely breathtaking.  A little on the steep side, but doable since it is so short. If you're looking for a little longer trail, Cougar Crest Trail is a total of about 4 miles. If you've seen or read "Wild," you might be interested to know Cougar Crest Trail ends where it intersects Pacific Crest Trail.

If you would rather walk than hike, it's easy to do so as there is a walkway along the lake. You can bike, walk, or run.

Big Bear Lake was a perfect getaway to feel recharged, reconnected, and regroup. Don't get me wrong, I was mighty glad to be back home with my TV and wifi, but it's nice to take a deep breath and relax now and then. Nothing is so important that you can't stop and take some time out for yourself, right?  Even nicer with someone special by your side :).

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