Jae Bu Do (제부도) - Restaurant Review

Jae Bu Do Restaurant Review

Believe it or not, not all Korean barbeque restaurants are about meat.  There are Korean barbeque restaurants that specialize in seafood, and Jae Bu Do is one of them.

Jae Bu Do (or Jae Boo Do) is a small island in Korea, and according to Wikipedia, there are about 700 people that live on the island.  One of the interesting tidbits about this island is that the road that connects the island to the mainland is under water certain times of the day, depending on the tide.  The exact time changes everyday, but thanks to the internet, you can get a daily schedule of when the road will be available.  Good to know if you want to visit this little island!

The restaurant, Jae Bu Do, specializes in charcoal grilled seafood.  The restaurant itself is kinda old and dare I say it, a little grungy, but it's very popular among Koreans.  Usually there is a wait on weekends, so I'd suggest getting there early.  Also the restaurant gets very hot!  The charcoal grill is on every table, and the heat from the grill can make you sweat.  Combine that with the smell of grilled seafood, and I'd say you don't need to wear clean clothes or take a shower before you go :).

There are 3 different sets you can order from, ranging in price from $50 to $100.  The bigger sets include more options such as abalone and hagfish, but since there were two of us, we ordered combo A.  We've been here before and this was the first time we saw lobster in combo A, so I'm not sure if they have that all the tiame, but it was included in our dinner last night.

The platter had shrimp, scallops, 3 different kinds of clams, mussels, spicy baby octopus, and lobster.  The combo also came with corn cheese, steamed egg, Korean pancake, and spicy raw fish salad/ceviche.

They give you a glove to wear on one hand so that you don't burn yourself, and there are spicy dipping sauces available on every table.

The waiter will come by to grill the items for you.  They also throw couple of potatoes wrapped in foil next to the charcoal so that they will cook while you eat. This was our first batch. 

The clams are ready to eat once they open up, so help yourself when you hear the sizzle of the clam juice hitting the charcoal underneath.  Also be careful and don't lean in too close, because sometimes the clam juice will splatter.

This was our second batch, which included shrimp.  The shrimp was really  meaty, and it was one of my favorite things.  I also really liked the giant clams, which were tastier than the little ones.  The server will come by and cut up the giant clam for you after it's cooked.

Our third batch was the lobster and the baby octopus.  The lobster was already cooked, so it just needed to be warmed up on the grill.  The server will also cut up the lobster so that it's easier to eat.

By this time, we were really full, but there is still more!

The last course is a pot of knife-cut noodle soup.  The server will place it on the grill for you so it stays hot as you eat the noodles. 

Some of the items on in the combo is definitely not the best, such as the corn cheese or even the noodles at the end.  But this is a lot of food for $50, and I was very full and content.  I would recommend trying this place out, especially if you're a seafood lover.  A different experience from your typical Korean barbeque!

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