Nakzi Village (낙지마을) - Restaurant Review

Nakzi Village Restaurant Review

My mother-in-law came into town two weeks ago.  She lives in Kansas City, so we see her about once a year.

When we picked her up from the airport, she was craving Korean food (of course), and the dish she mentioned was spicy octopus.

So the first chance we got, we took her to Nakzi Village in Ktown, that specializes in octopus dishes.  They share the restaurant with Ten-Raku, which is a Korean barbeque restaurant, and it's very good as well.  But this time, we were on a mission to eat octopus, so we asked for the Octopus only menu.

There were 5 adults total, and we ordered the Nakzi-chul-pan, which is octopus and vegetables sauteed on an iron skillet at your table.  It's different from their stew because there is no soup.  There is some broth that comes from the veggies, but no soup that you drink up.  They ask for the level of spiciness you'd like, and we went with "regular spicy" and not the "very spicy."  The waitress reassured us that the regular was plenty spicy.

This is how it is brought to your table:

You want to let this cook a little bit, so the flavors marry, and the octopus is ready to be eaten.  They were very generous with the Octopus amount, which they promptly cut up for you.  When it is cooked, it looks like this:

And you are ready to eat!  As the flavors deepen, it tastes better and better.  I'd suggest helping yourself to a little bit at a time, because once you put some on a separate bowl, the food starts to get cold, and this dish (as with most Korean food) tastes the best when it's piping hot from the iron skillet.

The dish will continue to cook down, and at some point, the dish can get a little too salty.  Then you can ask for some extra veggies to balance it out, and they're very generous with an extra order of veggies as well.

Finally, once the dish is almost done, the waitress will come by to fry some rice for you.  (this is my favorite part!)  They add rice, seaweed, gochujang, sesame oil, and mix it all up.

At this point, don't eat it right away!  Leave it alone a little bit, so that the rice gets a little crispy on the bottom.  Trust me, it tastes better that way.

Finally, we ordered some naeng-myun to round out our meal.

Nakzi Village is great if you're looking for Korean octopus dishes.  They're affordable and generous with the amount of food.  Most importantly, my mother-in-law loved her meal!  Yay, another craving successfully satisfied smiley.

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