Egg in a Bread Cup - Recipe

Egg in a Bread Cup

Good morning!

Sunday mornings are my favorite, since it's one day a week I can make breakfast leisurely and stress-free.

I love making breakfast, since I absolutely love eggs and bread.  So I ended up making exactly that... baked egg in a bread cup.

This dish is pretty common in Korea, it's called gae-lan-pang, which literally means "egg bread."  The best part?  You hardly use any dishes!  Less dishes=less dishwashing, yay!

These are the ingredients:

You can utilize pretty much anything and everything that goes well with eggs for the toppings.  Today I used ham, carrots, onion and cheese.  I think it would be delicious with bacon (might need to cook this first), some spinach, mushrooms, maybe sausage... whatever you have in the fridge would work, since that is the beauty of eggs.  It goes with everything!

Chop the ingredients.  I'd recommend chopping them pretty fine, since you don't want a big hunk of onion while you're biting into this.  Also carrots can take a while to cook, so the finer you dice them, the faster they will cook.

After you butter the pan, put the bread into the muffin pan.  If you have the jumbo muffin pan, you might not need to cut out the bread, but I have the regular muffin pan, so I cut the bread smaller to fit into the pan.  For a better fit, I used a rice bowl to create the round shape.

Then crack the eggs in!  I used large sized eggs, but even smaller eggs would work fine.

Put the toppings in no particular order, but I did put the cheese on top.  Melted cheese right out of the oven is one of the most beautiful sights, don't you think?  Then I sprinkled some parsley flakes, mostly for a pop of color.  A dash of salt and pepper would be great too, although depending on how salty your cheese is, you might not need it.

Now it's ready to go into the oven.  I baked them at 350 degrees for 14 minutes, and the yolk was still a little runny.  If you like it well done, then I'd recommend 15-17 minutes.

Ta-da!  It's all done!

I'd say you'd need 2 of these per person, and it goes well with coffee, juice, smoothie, any beverage of your choice.  I made strawberry-spinach smoothie for a well balanced breakfast.

A hearty breakfast with everything you want in bite-sized piece of bread.  Hope everyone enjoys making these as much as I did!

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