Tteok Mandoo Udon Soup - Recipe

Tteok Mandoo Udon Soup

Today, I decided to make a one pot dinner with some items in the freezer.  My mom's friend had given us some homemade mandoo (won ton) so I had been wanting to make a dish out of it, and I knew we had some udon noodles and fish cakes, so I decided to make a hot pot with the above ingredients plus tteok (rice cakes) and kimchi.

I love one pot dinners, because I love the idea of everyone eating out of the same pot, family style.  I think it brings people closer, and you are more likely to interact with other people when you are all eating out of the same pot.  Koreans aren't afraid of a little double dipping!

This recipe is really free-style, and you can embellish it anyway you want to. 
First, we need to make the broth, which is anchovy based.  These are the ingredients:

If you have radish, you can put that in as well.  I didn't have any on hand, so I decided to forgo that.  For 5 cups of water, I used 8-10 large anchovies, couple green onion roots, and 7-10 pieces of dashima, which is kelp, or kombu.  It's what Japanese people also use to get that "umami" flavor.

The best way to make the broth is to soak the kelp in the water for a little while.  After you let it soak (I did for about an hour), then put in other ingredients and start boiling.  You can eliminate some of the foam that rises to the top, and continue to boil. 

After about 30 minutes, remove the anchovies, green onion roots, and kelp.  You're left with anchovy broth.

You still need to season the broth, so I added 3 tablespoons of Japanese tsuyu sauce.  I use this sauce: 

If you have udon seasoning (sometimes it is included in the udon package), then I'm sure you can use that instead.

For the rest of the dish, these are the ingredients (enough for two people):

One serving of udon, some tteok, some mandoo, chopped kimchi (1/2 cup), fishcakes, some green onion, and tofu skin.

Still on moderate boil, put in the chopped kimchi first.  I also added couple tablespoons of the kimchi broth.

Then the rest of the ingredients can be put in.  I put in ttek, mandoo, and the noodles.  After a minute or so, I added tofu skin.
You can rinse the tofu skin in hot water since it has excess oil, but I usually just cut it and put it in.  I like my udon with tofu skin and fishcakes, but obviously it's your personal preference whether you add these or not.

Lastly, I added green onions and some sesame seeds.

You can also add some gochugaru (red chili peppers) for an added kick if you like.

Don't boil it for too long, since the noodles and tteok can get mushy.  You want to boil it for about 5-7 minutes, and test it out.  When it's still a little chewy, you can turn off the heat and enjoy.

Besides the udon and kimchi, you can add anything you like.  Great way to get creative and clean out the refrigerator.  The best part?  Only one pot to clean up.  Who doesn't like that?

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