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Searching for Sullungtang in Koreatown


Sullungtang is a type of Korean beef soup, made by boiling various parts of bone for hours to get a depth of flavor in its broth.

Beach, Sun, and Oysters- Blue Plate Oysterette

Blue Plate Oysterette Restaurant Review

There are many perks to living in Los Angeles. The beautiful beach, warm weather, and great food, just to name a few.

Getting Tipsy at Cafe del Rey - Restaurant Review

Cafe del Rey Restaurant Review

We recently had an opportunity to attend a dinner event at Cafe Del Rey. Cafe Del Rey is a restaurant located in Marina Del Rey, and they occasionally have a set course dinner with wine pairings from a specific winery.

Ham Ji Park (함지박) - Restaurant Review

Ham Ji Park

Taking my Dad out for a meal is no easy task.  First of all, he only likes Korean and Japanese food, and he is the most critical Korean food connoisseur I know.

Jae Bu Do (제부도) - Restaurant Review

Jae Bu Do Restaurant Review

Believe it or not, not all Korean barbeque restaurants are about meat.  There are Korean barbeque restaurants that specialize in seafood, and Jae Bu Do is one of them.

Nakzi Village (낙지마을) - Restaurant Review

Nakzi Village Restaurant Review

My mother-in-law came into town two weeks ago.  She lives in Kansas City, so we see her about once a year.